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Al Jouf Healthy Water Co. is a limited liability company, which offers the best mineral water products in various sizes of bottles, based in Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia.
The company has been operating in the field of extracting and bottling mineral water without desalination additives since 1402 AH, 1982 AD. The company was established under the name of Al Jouf Healthy Water “Hilwa” on an area of 26048m2 and has been acquired Development Works Company.


Al Jouf Healthy Water Company has been a pioneer in achieving quality in the King­ dom. It is located in a fertile oasis with a huge amount of pure fresh groundwater fed by several springs. This location was chosen because of its good environment in terms of the purity of water and its natural characteristics

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Dumah Al Jandal

Dumat al-Jundal, also known as Al-Jawf or Al-Jouf, is an ancient city of ruins and the historical capital of the Al Jawf Province, North Western Saudi Arabia. It is located 37 km away from Sakakah. 


Available in each of the main cities warehouses and an integrated transportation fleet for delivery services and secure products quickly starting from 24 hours, you can deliver the quantity you want to the place you specify
Al-Jouf Healthy Water Factory Company “Helwa” Headquarters (Factory) Al-Jouf – Dumat Al-Jandal
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Throughout the period of time that a sweet water plant went through, it was not exposed to any problems or observations on water quality and packaging on the contrary, but was carefully studied in various health and medical centers, and manufacturing systems are subject to local and international standards to ensure high-quality packaging and the most important

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